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How we work


Let us know about each other

We get back to you within 24 hours to plan a visit of your property, find which package fits
you the best and send our management contract for your review.


We get your property shine

We supply missing items to have your property host ready, process deep cleaning, set up a photoshoot and create your listing on which we interact as “co-host”.


Everything is ready!

Your property starts welcoming guests. Relax, we manage everything.

What we offer

  • Your property in the hand of rental and hospitality experts
  • Boost your income with zero constraints
  • No obligation and no registration fee
  • Keep your property at your disposal
  • Benefit from transparency and reactivity
  • Leave your guests to our caring


  • Why choose BnBCondo for managing my short time rental?

    Our management team has been using short-term ;rental platforms since 2014 and has
    built up an extensive experience ;valuable that we offer to apply to your property.
    We have professionalized our services with a dedicated team to provide support
    around the clock to your guests.
    Our office is conveniently located next to BTS Phrakanong, in the beating heart of
    Bangkok’s high-end condominiums.

  • Do I Have to communicate ;with my guests?

    No, definitely not. We set a separate Airbnb listing so you will never receive any
    guest requests nor be inquired to ;interact during your guest ;stays. In fact, we do
    handle all the ;communication on your behalf, from the first guest request to the
    time of their check-out. You relax, we do all the ;rest.

  • How much do you charge?

    We have packaged our services to adjust to your property needs for short time
    rental. Get in touch with us to learn more about our co-host plans. We can handle
    the preparation of your unit with the ;purchase and set up appliances, create your
    page using our own proven expertise, manage communication, customize the experience
    and much more.

  • How much do I pay for your ;co-hosting services?

    You do not pay us anything, Airbnb does. We act as your co-host. For every booking
    we will secure for you, Airbnb will transfer the fee to your account and our agreed
    share to our account. Simple, transparent and immediate.

  • ┬áDo you accept back to back bookings?

    Yes, we definitely ;do so as it ;contributes to maximizing your property
    profitability. For this, ;we ask the owner to prepare 2 sets of linen ;(4 pillow
    cases, 2 bed sheets and 2 quilt sockets and 4 towels) ;per double bed ;so 1 set ;can
    be ;used while the other one is being washed. We can also help with the procurement
    of new linen as we have our ;trusted ;suppliers.

  • Is short time rental safe for my property?

    It is safe. It might surprise you but, in our opinion, short time rental even safer
    than a ;long-term rental. Indeed, we always have an eye on your property in between
    different bookings, which can ;hardly be done for longer stays. On top of ;that,
    Airbnb guests have to ;commit to your property rules that we will define together.
    And if any damage occurs, there is a security deposit that is set to help cover

  • Is Airbnb illegal in Thailand?

    Airbnb is ;definitely not illegal. It is the way that hosts use the platform that can
    confront with local juridictions. What is essential to understand is that Airbnb
    does not stand for short term rental; it is indeed possible to limit each stays to
    a ;minimum of 1 month, 3 months or even a full year. Short term rental activity might
    be restricted by some condominium juristic offices which impose a minimum stay of 30
    days to each guests.

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